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about me

i am ilo Kali. i go by just Kali, however.

perhaps you know me through toki pona. perhaps you know me in real life. perhaps you know me elsewhere. if you know me both online and in real life, i probably act somewhat differently.

when not using ChromeOS for school, i use Ubuntu 20.04 with i3 as the window manager. i have tried out other distros; so far, my favorite has been Fedora, although Void was quite nice too. besides Linux, i've also used FreeBSD and appreciate how comprehensive its documentation is.


i play video games upon occasion. Hollow Knight and Rain World are my absolute favorites. Baba is You is very fun, but can be quite puzzling at times. Untitled Goose Game is great for laughs but can get a little old after the first playthough. now that it has multiplayer the replay-ability is much higher, so that's nice.

i love programming in Lua, whether that be LuaJIT, Löve2d, PICO-8, or just plain-old Lua. i also love using OCaml, a powerful multi-paradigm functional programming language that inspired many features in Rust. (i do not like Rust, but i would assume mentioning a familiar language may spark interest in the reader).

my current interests involve Plan 9 (operating system), नेपाली (Nepali), stenography, and music.

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